KKCOM - Kane / Kendall Council of Mayors

Bicycle and Pedestrian Information

The updated 2017-2018 Kane and Northern Kendall County Public map, which includes existing local and regional trails is available below. A Planning Map, that includes existing and proposed regional and local trails, is also located on this page under Publications. You can view both maps by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

To request a hard copy of the map, contact Ryan Peterson at petersonryan@countyofkane.org

You may make requests for low-cost improvements to enhance bicycle safety and access, such as: maintenance work, signs, striping, small construction problems. Please send suggestions to Ryan Peterson at petersonryan@countyofkane.org.

Once the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator receives your submittal, it will be forwarded to the most appropriate agency (i.e. Kane County Forest Preserve, State DOT staff, local municipality or park district). The Bike/Ped Coordinator will respond immediately to your submittal, informing you that the submittal was received and where the request was forwarded, with that agency's contact information.


2017-2018 Kane and Northern Kendall Counties Bicycle Map
Bike Planning Map
2003 Fox River Trail Signage Program
Kane and Northern Kendall County Bike Facility Viewer
2017-2018 Kane County Bicycle/Highway Map Order Form
KKCOM Bike & Pedestrian App
2018 KKCOM Bicycle and Pedestrian Report
KKCOM Bikeway Design Seminar Registration